Golden Nails

I finally redid my nails after 17 days! The wraps weren’t lifting or anything, my fingernails had just grown a lot and the painted accent nail was reduced to a speck (without picking at it!) Anyway, it was time for something new. I used Gold Criss Cross, which was discontinued this Spring. A dear friend and customer had given me half a sheet, otherwise I would probably never have gone for golden nails.

But now I LOVE them!

Gold Nails

Gold Criss Cross

So much that I want to get Siren Song, Butterfly Effect, and Prince Charming!

Since my  nails are short these days I decided to apply the wraps by clipping the nail and the wrap together, rather than filing off the excess wrap like I normally do. It was lots faster, but the verdict is still out on how they hold up.

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