Sunny Lotus

Happy Summer!

Today’s mani is Sunny Lotus, and as the story usually goes: I didn’t think I’d like the color, but I do! And it’s definitely very summer-y.

In the picture you can see why I’ve been keeping my nails so short recently: I’ve started playing the double bass. It’s a childhood dream coming true and I’m loving it.

short stylish nails

Sunny Lotus

Lead Consultant Wrap

Hi Readers! Today’s mani is not for sale, because it was a reward for achieving the rank of  Lead Consultant.
I wouldn’t have picked this color myself, but now it’s kind of growing on me!


a reward, for having a great time wearing and selling Jamberry nail wraps!

Lead Consultant Wrap


Please contact me to find out more about  joining Jamberry Nails as an Independent Consultant.
“Should I sell Jamberry?” is what you may be asking yourself. If you love the product and intend to buy it and use it, then the answer is YES! Becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant is worth it just for the discount and for all the things that come with your new consultant kit pictured below:

All it takes to get started as a Jamberry Consultant

Jamberry New Consultant Starter Kit


Included in your kit is also  3 month of free use of a professional website. Should you decide that you “only” want to be a hobbyist after 3 months, you can just let that expire and still enjoy buying Jamberry nail wraps for friends and family at a discount.

But my guess is that after 3 months you’ll have such  great time AND made money to keep you hooked and wanting to grow your new business more!

Golden Nails

I finally redid my nails after 17 days! The wraps weren’t lifting or anything, my fingernails had just grown a lot and the painted accent nail was reduced to a speck (without picking at it!) Anyway, it was time for something new. I used Gold Criss Cross, which was discontinued this Spring. A dear friend and customer had given me half a sheet, otherwise I would probably never have gone for golden nails.

But now I LOVE them!

Gold Nails

Gold Criss Cross

So much that I want to get Siren Song, Butterfly Effect, and Prince Charming!

Since my  nails are short these days I decided to apply the wraps by clipping the nail and the wrap together, rather than filing off the excess wrap like I normally do. It was lots faster, but the verdict is still out on how they hold up.

Vintage Deco – 14 Days later

I’m not sure this post requires anything written:

2015-04-14 17.11.38 2015-04-14 17.14.47

Are these Nail wraps awesome, or are they AWESOME?!

Click here if you think you might like a FREE Sample!

Vintage Deco

Here’s my latest manicure, Vintage Deco, a wrap that has sadly been discontinued. In case you’re a fan of the pattern more than the color, there are some other options: Bright Deco (available in matte finish too) and Faded Deco.

I used some white nail polish as an accent nail.


Check out Bright Deco and Faded Deco for the same pattern in different colors!

Vintage Deco with white accent Nail

Flourish II

Last Monday I used a second quarter of the sheet of Flourish I had bought. I had cut it down the middle (lengthwise) and used the 5 smallest wraps, you can read about that in this post. So last week I used the 4 remaining wraps of the first half, cutting creatively so I could get 10 nails out of 4 wraps. Here’s the result:

I'm going to get 4 manicures out of a $15 sheet of nail wraps!!

the 4 bigger wraps of half of a sheet


Another thing I have to tell you guys about today is this:
The Mother’s Day gift set is here! It’s called Ruby & Rose, love the name and love everything about it!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jamberry Mother’s Day gift set


Plan To Eat

Hi Friends!

If you know me in real life, you know that I love to cook and eat and I care about feeding my family in a healthy way. I’m also a huge fan of being efficient in all areas of life. For a long time it has seemed to me that there should be a better way to meal plan that to pull out every recipe I’m planning to make, just to copy the ingredients onto a grocery list.

And it turns out that there IS:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

My new favorite website!

Recently I did a 30 Free Trial on the “Plan to Eat” website, and I loved it so much that I paid for a year of using it and I’m getting rid of a big binder of recipes and a complicated meal planning system now!

One of the best parts about it is the “Add to PTE” button that you can put on your browser window (not sure my terminology is right here). When you are on ANY website that has a recipe on it that you want to save, you just hit that button and it imports it to your recipes that you can then add to your planner (click and drag) and from there generate your grocery list.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I did my nails on Saturday, using Emerald Argyle. They are definitely green! I would probably not have bought those to wear, but I had some left in my inventory that I hadn’t sold, so I decided to put them on, and I really liked them more than I thought I would!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Emerald Argyle

Using up Scraps

Happy March Dear Readers!

In just a few hours the SPRING CATALOG will be out! And may I say, it is very nice. I love everything about it!

I just redid my nails, using up the four big wraps on half of a sheet of Midnight Celebration, one of my favorite wraps.
And I did an accent nail of Silver Floral, also from a piece of scraps of course. Just trying to be thrifty.

#MidnightCelebrationJN #SilverFloralJN

Midnight Celebration with Silver Floral accent Nail


French Tips II

I did another french manicure, mostly because my husband likes them and we’re about to go on our little getaway (YAY!)

I used White Tip Medium, and they fit my nails pretty well! They are a little bit trickier to get on than other nail wraps, but definitely worth doing:

White Tip (M)

French Mani for Date Night


Here’s what a sheet of the White Tip M looks like:


What do French Manicure Jamberry Nail wraps look like?

A sheet of Jamberry White Tip – Medium

The sizing refers to the length of your nailbed.
If you were to get the White Tip L, the clear area would be bigger than what you can see above, and in the White Tip Short it would be smaller than what you see above.