February Sisters’ Style Exclusive

Hi Reader!

Well if you’re looking for the perfect gift for me for my birthday or Mother’s Day (this hint is for my hubby), look no further than the February Sisters’ Style Exclusive.

Is it not beautiful?!

February Sister Style Exclusive Thumb

February Sisters’ Style Exclusive

Sister Style Exclusive Hands

February Sister’s Style Exclusive

Sister Style Exclusive Sheet

February Sisters’ Style Exclusive

Love is in the Air

Here’s my latest mani, it’s called Love Spell.

It’s going to last way past Valentine’s Day, AND stand up to all the housework I’m doing between now and then!

Nails that hold up to housework!

Love Spell


The day before Valentine’s Day my husband and I are going to get to go to a gala, it’s a fundraiser for Casa El Buen Samaritano.

I made my first ever Jamberry Silent Auction Basket:

Mother / Daughter Valentine Manicure in a basket

Jamberry Silent Auction Basket

Heart Health Awareness

Jamberry came out with a Heart Health Awareness wrap, and they are donating $2 for each sheet that is sold to the American Heart Association. AND it’s gorgeous!

Heart Health Awareness

Jamberry cares! $2 per sheet is donated to AHA

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day

Here’s my lateset mani, Cherry Ice with an overlay of Silver Floral as an accent nail.

Valentine's Day Mani

Cherry Ice with Silver Floral Accent Nail

I also got in a shipment of inventory that I’m so excited about, I just have to post a picture of that too!

Check out the V-Day, St. Paddy's Day and Easter wraps!

My new inventory shipment


Happy New Year dear readers! I hope it’s a good one for you!

And if you’ve by any chance decided that you might want to become a Jamberry consultant, please e-mail me so I can help you achieve that goal this year!

Here’s my first many of 2015, it’s classy and wintry AND spring-timey all at once in my opinion: Flourish

1st mani in 2015


I also wanted to show you guys a picture of my nails AFTER I took off the last nail wraps, before scrubbing, buffing of filing my nails:

what's under there

My strong healthy nails – thanks to Jamberry

After 7 months of continuously wearing Jamberry Nail wraps I am CONVINCED that they protect and strengthen my nails, all while looking snazzy. It really is a win-win situation. Would you like a FREE SAMPLE?

Merry Christmas!

I did my nails on Christmas Eve. The Poinsettia mani had lasted 2 weeks and 4 days!!

I put on the Black Friday Special, from this post, which is unfortunately not for sale. It’s not something I would have ever picked out, but now I really like it!

Dear Jamberry, please add this to the Spring catalog!

Black Friday Special


In other news, on the 26th, Jamberry released the Spring holiday wraps, some suited for Valentine’s Day (this one is my favorite), some for St. Patrick’s Day (like this Emerald Argyle) and some for Easter.

Check them out here, they are beautiful!

Jamberry Gift Card Special

Well, tomorrow is the last day to order Jamberry Nail wraps and have them by Christmas. But since we live in Houston where the mail is slow like Christmas itself, I’ve already stopped telling customers they could still order things and have them for sure.

But luckily, Jamberry is having another special that starts tomorrow:

gift card promotion

Get an extra 10% on your giftcard!


Buy a gift certificate from December 11-24, get an additional promotional holiday gift card equal to 10 percent of the price of the original gift certificate. Click here to start shopping for gift cards!

Jamberry Christmas Gift Jars

I finally got around to making my Jamberry gift jars this weekend. This is the one for Anna’s teacher, she likes blues and purples:

perfect teacher gift

Jamberry Gift Jar


And here’s a picture of what’s in it:

half a sheet of Mad Mod

Contents of Jamberry Gift Jar

It contains:

* 1/2 sheet of Mad Mod
* orange stick
* coarse file (I got some Revlon ones, 10 for $.94)
* rubber cuticle pusher
* 2 alcohol swabs
* printed application instructions
* my Jamberry business card (not pictured)

I used 12 oz Ball jelly jars and they turned out to be the perfect size.

1/2 a sheet for 40 digits!

Hi Friends!

Well, the Hill girls finally got their Christmas Jamberry on!

It’s Poinsettia, and I only had half of a sheet. And here’s a picture of how far it went!

Stretching it!

making 1/2 a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps last!

That’t an adult manicure, 10 year old mani and pedi, PLUS a baby pedicure from the scraps!

Deal or Dud: Jamberry in the News!

I googled “Jamberry news” and look what I found:


Whaddayasay to that?!

I’ll mail you a FREE SAMPLE.

Or you can just shop here, Jamberry Nails is a direct selling company, which means you can host a party if you would like and earn free and discounted products. Or do what I did and just sign up to be a consultant after trying on my first set of Jamberry Nails, they are just that durable and affordable!