10th birthday at the beach

Here’s my daughter’s latest mani. She just turned 10 yesterday and she does her Jamberry Nails all by herself! This is the June hostess exclusive. Click here to see the current hostess exclusives! The way to get one of those is to host a party either in your home or on Facebook.


June hostess exclusive – beachy!

are there any solids?

Whether there are any solid colored Jamberry Nails is a question I frequently get, when I tell the great tale of the durability of my nails. The answer is YES, and here’s an example:

I used ROSE GOLD on all 10 nails and layered a LACE NOIR accent nail over 2 of them (Yes, you can LAYER Jamberry Nail Wraps!)

a solid color for those who like the look of polish better, but want the durability of Jamberry Nail Wraps!

October 2nd – Rose Gold with Lace Noir accent nail layered

fall is here!

Fall is starting to be in the air, even in Houston!

It put me in the mood for fall colors and flavors and getting out my fall decor. Since Jamberry Nails sometimes DO take a while to ship (just keeping it real people), it really is time to order now so you can enjoy your wraps before Halloween.

So I decided to make a collage of fall colored and themed wraps:

Candy Corn and Turkeys are here!

Jamberry Nails Fall Wraps

Here are the names with links to each of these:

Candy Corn, Jacks & Corns, Footballs on Clear, Gobble Me Up, Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Blooms, Persimmon


That was so much fun, I decided to make a Halloween one:

spook-tacularly stylish nails for Halloween

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Halloween!

Here’s the names with links to each of these:

Jack & Corns, Mummified,  Webs & Monsters, Poisoned, Widows Web (this one has different wraps for each finger!), Webtastic, Black Bats, Fright Night (comes in matte also), and Monster Mash (also more than one design!).

using up scraps

So here’s the deal with Jamberry Nail Wraps: They say that you can get 2 to 4 applications out of each sheet, and that is a VERY CONSERVATIVE estimate! The more willing you are to trim the wraps to the right size, the more you can get out of them. And patterns that don’t have to go in a particular direction yield more applications than those that do. The least economical are the French Tips since they have to be applied “just so”.

Today I used Black and White Houndstooth, Sheet Music, and White Romance, just to use up some scraps and because all my nails have matched for the last 3 weeks and I needed to mix things up a little.


Houndstooth, Sheet Music, and White Romance ~ September 20th


French Tips

Today I decided to try my hand at a Jamberry Nail French Manicure.

I bought White Tip L, which turned out to be too long for me and I had to trim the wraps around the nail bed. That was kind of tedious, so next time I’ll be buying a shorter set, probably White Tip M. There is also a White Tip Short, which is what you would need if your nailbed is really short.


First attempt at a French Mani ~ Sept 13th

Finally something not so colorful

One question I get asked frequently when people see my nails, is whether there are some less flashy ones, some that could be worn to the office. The answer is of course YES!

I finally was ready for something less bold myself, so I decided to do all my nails (gasp!) with the same wrap: WHITE ROMANCE


White Romance ~ September 4th

August Hostess Exclusive

Today’s mani (and pedi, the 6 weeks are up!) is done using the August hostess exclusive and an accent nail with nail polish.


August Hostess Exclusive, so pretty!

back from our vacation

We were gone a long time this summer, and so I did a couple of manis in between not worth posting, because it was the same ol’ LOTUS (it is my favorite wrap so far) and SHEET MUSIC mostly.

I also figured out that manis done with a gas stove don’t last as long. And also it seemed a little dangerous as I was doing it. You should really use a Jamberry mini heater, either the old one, or the new one. Or a hairdryer.

Ok, on to today’s mani: TEAL SPARKLE with PUNCHY PUFF accent nail.
UPDATE: Teal Sparkle was discontinued at the end of August. I feel like JADED is a pretty good replacement for it.


Teal Sparkle and Punchy Puff accent nail

black and white mani

Here’s today’s manicure, SHEET MUSIC with BLACK AND WHITE CHEVRON accent nail.


Sheet Music with Black and White Chevron ~ June 29th

diy-manipedi blog launch!

Hello big wide world on the internet!

The reason for this blog’s existence is that I have become an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails recently! Selling any type of beauty supplies is also something I’d never thought I would do, along with blogging.

BUT, Jamberry Nails has really changed my life. For one thing, I always love how my nails look. Can you say that about yourself?! I have many problems in this life, but my nails aren’t one of them!

So without further ado, I am just going to start sharing my manicures as I do them, which is every 10 days or so, because that’s how long a Jamberry mani lasts!!

This is LOTUS with a PUNCHY PUFF  accent nail.


Lotus with Punchy Puff accent Nail – June 20th