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Faux Fox and Fox Trot

Gotta love the the Foxes, so CUTE!

Faux Fox and Fox Trot

Here’s a picture of my daughter’s hand and my hand wearing Fox Trot and Faux Fox respectively. And the sheets are in the picture too, so you can see how much is left!

And here’s a picture of my left hand after helping my friend Kelli, about whose farmhouse flip you can read here, paint the walls with KILZ. KILZ is a primer that will ruin any manicure other than Jamberry nail wraps, and so would most other construction projects:

Jamberry nail wraps can stand up to almost anything!

I got some KILZ on my manicure

not even KILZ destroys this manicure!

AND was able to clean it back off!

I actually went back and helped over there some more since then, and my mani is still alive and well!

Spooky Boo-tique

So I’ve been invited back to have a Jamberry booth at the Boo-tique at Spooky Spaghetti today!

Spooky Spaghetti is a Halloween themed fall fundraiser at my kids’ elementary school.

I’m very excited to share Jamberry with our community and I will give 15% of everyone’s pre-tax and pre-shipping total back to the Mark Twain PTO!

spooky fundraiser

Spooky Spaghetti – Fall Fundraiser

Come see me there and try on a free sample!

Orders can be placed online through October 31st, just don’t forget to select “Spooky Boo-tique” at checkout!

Apple Cider

Finally, finally, FINALLY, I put on what I knew at first sight would be my favorite new wrap: Apple Cider. It rose to be the top selling wrap in it’s first week of being available!

Makes me wish I kept my nails longer, but the whole bass playing thing keeps me from it these days:

Apple Cider - top selling Jamberry Nail wrap currently!

My new favorite


Fall Fever

Happy Fall y’all! It’s officially the first day of fall and I am so glad it’s here!

Without further ado, here’s a picture of my latest mani, Fall Fever, it looks good on short nails (please tell me it does!) which is lucky for me, because I plan to practice the bass a lot this fall.

Fall Fever - looks nice on short nails!

Fall Fever – a clear wrap that can be layered over lacquer

Kelsey and Aubrey’s cozy fall Jamberry Party is now open!

Kelsey and Aubrey’s cozy fall Jamberry Party has officially been kicked off online!

The first 5 people to place an online order will receive one of these sheets of accent nails pictured below for FREE:

accent nails

Accent Nails

Click here to start shopping, and don’t forget to select “Kelsey and Aubrey’s party” at checkout!

Remember, Jamberry Nails Wraps are buy 3 get 1 free and each sheet can be used for several applications!

fall is here!

Fall is starting to be in the air, even in Houston!

It put me in the mood for fall colors and flavors and getting out my fall decor. Since Jamberry Nails sometimes DO take a while to ship (just keeping it real people), it really is time to order now so you can enjoy your wraps before Halloween.

So I decided to make a collage of fall colored and themed wraps:

Candy Corn and Turkeys are here!

Jamberry Nails Fall Wraps

Here are the names with links to each of these:

Candy Corn, Jacks & Corns, Footballs on Clear, Gobble Me Up, Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Blooms, Persimmon


That was so much fun, I decided to make a Halloween one:

spook-tacularly stylish nails for Halloween

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Halloween!

Here’s the names with links to each of these:

Jack & Corns, Mummified,  Webs & Monsters, Poisoned, Widows Web (this one has different wraps for each finger!), Webtastic, Black Bats, Fright Night (comes in matte also), and Monster Mash (also more than one design!).