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Jamberry Christmas Gift Jars

I finally got around to making my Jamberry gift jars this weekend. This is the one for Anna’s teacher, she likes blues and purples:

perfect teacher gift

Jamberry Gift Jar


And here’s a picture of what’s in it:

half a sheet of Mad Mod

Contents of Jamberry Gift Jar

It contains:

* 1/2 sheet of Mad Mod
* orange stick
* coarse file (I got some Revlon ones, 10 for $.94)
* rubber cuticle pusher
* 2 alcohol swabs
* printed application instructions
* my Jamberry business card (not pictured)

I used 12 oz Ball jelly jars and they turned out to be the perfect size.

1/2 a sheet for 40 digits!

Hi Friends!

Well, the Hill girls finally got their Christmas Jamberry on!

It’s Poinsettia, and I only had half of a sheet. And here’s a picture of how far it went!

Stretching it!

making 1/2 a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps last!

That’t an adult manicure, 10 year old mani and pedi, PLUS a baby pedicure from the scraps!

Deal or Dud: Jamberry in the News!

I googled “Jamberry news” and look what I found:


Whaddayasay to that?!

I’ll mail you a FREE SAMPLE.

Or you can just shop here, Jamberry Nails is a direct selling company, which means you can host a party if you would like and earn free and discounted products. Or do what I did and just sign up to be a consultant after trying on my first set of Jamberry Nails, they are just that durable and affordable!


Black Friday Special – Extended through Cyber Monday

Hi Friends! No new mani today, the last one is actually holding up REALLY great this time around, I bet I’ll make it a full two weeks!

I do want to tell you all about Jamberry’s Black Friday Special though. It’s this exclusive wrap that they are giving away for FREE when you spend $50.

UPDATE: due to high demand this offer has been extended through Cyber Monday!!

Valid through Cyber Monday - 12.01.2014

Black Friday Special

It gets added to your cart automatically once the total of the items in your cart gets to $50.

They are also bringing back the Sister’s Style Exclusives from the past 12 months. The Sister Style Exclusive is a nail wrap that is only available for a month and then it’s gone. This special is called Back for Black, and I’m guessing it’s only special to people who are familiar with Jamberry already.

Jamberry makes great Christmas gifts! I really mean this. If you know me in real life, you know that I never used to do anything to my nails until I was give a sheet of Jamberry as a gift. I put them on, they lasted and now I SELL THEM!

So give it a whirl, it’s a great stocking stuffer, teacher gift, and so on. And fits inside the envelope of a Christmas Card!


The gift that keeps on giving

Wow, it’s already time for another post! Why so soon? Well, the last post I wrote a few days AFTER I did my nails. But also, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 40 people this week and decorated for Christmas. All of that was extremely hard on my nails, so they only lasted 8 days, instead of their usual 12. Actually they could have gone a couple of more days, but I wanted my nails to look great for the party today that I mentioned in the last post. Blah-blah, I can see why they call these things blogs….

Jamberry Nail Wraps - Punchy Puff

Punchy Puff

It’s Punchy Puff with a Teal Sparkle (discontinued) accent nail.
The Punchy Puff was given to my daughter as a gift and she’s done her nails, her friend’s nails, and now I’ve done mine and there’s still quite a bit left! Probably enough for two more manicures! So you see, Jamberry Nails is a very economical way to do your nails! They cost $15 a sheet, but you get lots of use out of each sheet!

Jamberry Fundraiser in the Boo-tique at Spooky Spaghetti

So I’ve been invited to sell Jamberry at the Boo-tique at Spooky Spaghetti this coming Saturday!

Spooky Spaghetti is a Halloween themed fall fundraiser at my daughter’s elementary school.

I’m very excited to share Jamberry with our community and I will give 15% of everyone’s pre-tax and pre-shipping total back to the Mark Twain PTO!

spooky fundraiser

Spooky Spaghetti – Fall Fundraiser

Come see me there and try on a free sample!

Orders can be placed online through October 31st, just don’t forget to select “Spooky Boo-tique” at checkout!

Kelsey and Aubrey’s cozy fall Jamberry Party is now open!

Kelsey and Aubrey’s cozy fall Jamberry Party has officially been kicked off online!

The first 5 people to place an online order will receive one of these sheets of accent nails pictured below for FREE:

accent nails

Accent Nails

Click here to start shopping, and don’t forget to select “Kelsey and Aubrey’s party” at checkout!

Remember, Jamberry Nails Wraps are buy 3 get 1 free and each sheet can be used for several applications!

fall is here!

Fall is starting to be in the air, even in Houston!

It put me in the mood for fall colors and flavors and getting out my fall decor. Since Jamberry Nails sometimes DO take a while to ship (just keeping it real people), it really is time to order now so you can enjoy your wraps before Halloween.

So I decided to make a collage of fall colored and themed wraps:

Candy Corn and Turkeys are here!

Jamberry Nails Fall Wraps

Here are the names with links to each of these:

Candy Corn, Jacks & Corns, Footballs on Clear, Gobble Me Up, Pumpkin Spice, Harvest Blooms, Persimmon


That was so much fun, I decided to make a Halloween one:

spook-tacularly stylish nails for Halloween

Jamberry Nail Wraps for Halloween!

Here’s the names with links to each of these:

Jack & Corns, Mummified,  Webs & Monsters, Poisoned, Widows Web (this one has different wraps for each finger!), Webtastic, Black Bats, Fright Night (comes in matte also), and Monster Mash (also more than one design!).

back from our vacation

We were gone a long time this summer, and so I did a couple of manis in between not worth posting, because it was the same ol’ LOTUS (it is my favorite wrap so far) and SHEET MUSIC mostly.

I also figured out that manis done with a gas stove don’t last as long. And also it seemed a little dangerous as I was doing it. You should really use a Jamberry mini heater, either the old one, or the new one. Or a hairdryer.

Ok, on to today’s mani: TEAL SPARKLE with PUNCHY PUFF accent nail.
UPDATE: Teal Sparkle was discontinued at the end of August. I feel like JADED is a pretty good replacement for it.


Teal Sparkle and Punchy Puff accent nail

diy-manipedi blog launch!

Hello big wide world on the internet!

The reason for this blog’s existence is that I have become an Independent Consultant for Jamberry Nails recently! Selling any type of beauty supplies is also something I’d never thought I would do, along with blogging.

BUT, Jamberry Nails has really changed my life. For one thing, I always love how my nails look. Can you say that about yourself?! I have many problems in this life, but my nails aren’t one of them!

So without further ado, I am just going to start sharing my manicures as I do them, which is every 10 days or so, because that’s how long a Jamberry mani lasts!!

This is LOTUS with a PUNCHY PUFF  accent nail.


Lotus with Punchy Puff accent Nail – June 20th