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Red and Green and Foxes for Christmas

Growing up in Switzerland I had never heard of particular colors being associated with Christmas. Our tree growing up had clear glass ornaments and cookies hanging on it. We also had real candles and the options there were white and yellow. The yellow ones smelled good, because they were made from beeswax. Anyway, the idea of red and green being Christmas colors has slowly grown on me and this year I’ve put Tinsel Poinsettia on my nails and as a result have been wearing more red clothes and gold jewelry than I normally do.

the Red-Green-Gold-Combo is growing on me!

Red and Green for Christmas

Also, for the first time ever I did my toddler’s fingernails, so far I had only done her toes.

cute toddler nails

Fox Trot

Cute huh? They are from the Jamberry Juniors line, called Fox Trot. The tiniest wraps fit her pinky perfectly.